All-you-can-eat salad bar

The fresh spring growth is pushing out of the soil and bears are moving to the estuaries to start to rebuild the body mass lost while hibernating in the mountains. Lygnby’s sedge is the first item on the menu, followed later by wild celery species and Pacific hemlock parsley as well as skunk cabbage. Hungry bears may spend eight to fifteen hours a day feeding, consuming twenty five to one hundred pounds of Lyngby’s sedge each day. With twenty five percent crude protein, this plant is their most important spring plant food comprising up to 80% of their diet in spring. The estuary is alive with songbirds, migrating waterfowl, grazing deer, and grizzly bears. Everything is incredibly green except for the snow-capped mountains that create a beautiful backdrop to the action in the estuary.

Check back next month for another interesting bear fact.